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Hello and Welcome to Triandos.Travel 👋

I am Angelo Triandos, a Consultant and Small Business Owner Operator. I’m a Professional Travel Agent, based in Melbourne and servicing clients from across Australia and abroad. Whilst I have experience and expertise on my side, it is my passion and reliable nature that distinguishes me as a professional person.

In 2023, I have returned to the travel industry with renewed enthusiasm after spending the first sixteen years of my professional career in the industry. I have freelanced my services in between that period of time, specialising in group tours. Now, I’m back with a focus on specialised and tailored arrangements for discerning travellers where my experience and reliability brings great value and joy to my clients. I’ve always been passionate about travel and tourism. I’m personable in my approach and professional in my execution, ensuring high quality servicing outcomes. I welcome your next travel enquiry with enthusiasm.

Safe & Happy Travels!.
Angelo Triandos ✈️.
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Father & Son

1989 | Where it all started

  • Angelo had just finished his University Degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics & Business Management
  • In December of ’89, Angelo was officially made Managing Director of the Family Travel Agency (known as Triandos Travel)

1990 – 1995 | Building blocks

  • Learning, Training and Developing business skills as well as gaining an understanding of the Travel Industry
  • Adopting and embracing new technology with first ever website and understanding the future of online search – Google

1996 – 2001 | Consolidation & Expansion

  • Building a team to service different travel markets
  • Joined a Franchise Group – Jetset Travelworld – to diversify and grow business
  • Grew business by an average of 25% each year over a five year period

2002 – 2005 | The Challenges

  • Business had to adapt to cope with massive global challenges which affected the travel market ie. 9/11, Bali attack, Ansett collapse

2005 | Sold the agency

2005 – 2011 | Explored other ventures outside of the Travel Industry

2012 – 2022 | Freelance Travel Agent

  • Planned, Operated and Managed Group Tours
  • Joined MTA (Mobile Travel Agents) group

2023 – Current | The return as Triandos.Travel

  • Return to the travel industry on a full time basis 
  • Joined the TravelManagers Australia partnership group
  • No physical office, home-based/hybrid service
  • Personal brand Triandos.Travel 
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